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Clen 100 tabs & T3 Cytomel 60 tabs & Ketotifen 60 tabs

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Promo Stack:
Clenbuterol 100 tabs
T3 Uni-Pharma 60 tabs
Ketotifen 60 tabs

The most purchased product in our store is the Clenbuterol/Cytomel Stack. Combined, these 2 supplements will help you burn fat like no other product. This was first discovered by athletes and professional sports, until even many celebs used this combo to radically slim down. The problem overall is to find a reliable source that will ship the real products out, no herbal substitute, and without prescription. This is no more a problem for you as you can order this phenomenal Clenbuterol/Cytomel Stack with us now. Stacking them both, together for 2-4 weeks, then stopping for 2-4 weeks, and repeat, is THE FASTEST way to burn fat and lose weight of anything on the market today, forget about Phentermine, ECA Stack, Hoodia and Xenical? Clenbuterol & T3 Cytomel stacked together will outperform all other products.

Combine the dosage information above for both products. Usually you can stay on a lower dosage of each when combined. You can take both products for 2-4 weeks, then stop and rest for the same time and start over again. Or you can alternate between every product every 2-4 weeks.

Ketotifen 1mg tabs (Ketotifen Fumarate). When using Clenbuterol the body''s beta-2-adrenergic receptors down-regulate soon, only making Clenbuterol a useful fat burner for 2-4 week cycles. In simpler words: The body will adjust and down-regulate the thermogenic Clenbuterol effect. This usually begins gradually after 2-3 weeks of Clenbuterol intake. When implementing a drug like Ketotifen the rules are broken, allowing to use Clenbuterol for extended periods (not recommended).

2 tab/day is the recommended Ketotifen dosage, to be started after around 2 weeks of Clenbuterol intake and must be taken along. Ketotifen is NOT a fat burner itself, but helps to continously use the Clenbuterol, without the necessity of a recovery break. Ketofifen can cause drowsiness so it is advised to use Ketotifen before sleep. Note that prolonged use of Clenbuterol HCL may lead to serious health conditions. Between waiting periods of Clenbuterol, or Clen-Cytomel Combo Cycles, you can also use the Ketotifen to prepare yourself for a new round by using Keto a few times before you start over again with your main Cycle. It will help you to reset your receptors from the Clenbuterol, so it will be fully effective again.

What Results can I Expect

  • If you are like most people, then you want to know what kind of Clenbuterol results you can expect before going to all of the trouble to procure and use the product. When used correctly and at the right doses, the results are nothing short of spectacular.

What Is Clenbuterol?

  • You will find many internet forums in which people come right out and ask, What is Clenbuterol? Although many people believe that it is an anabolic steroid because it is so popular among athletes and bodybuilders, this is absolutely not the case.

How to take Clenbuterol?

  • In the beginning, you should take no more than 40 to 60 mcg of Clenbuterol per day, as this medication can affect your central nervous system if taken in higher doses. In time, you will become more accustomed to taking it, and will then be able to increase your dosage somewhat.

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